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Why Make Your Own Seal Coat?
-Reduce the price to +/- $1.25 per gallon
-Making you a more competitive bidder
-Put you in control of the material
-Avoid go-backs or dealing with in-consistent batches
-Allow you to batch on the job site if needed, saving on trucking costs
-Allow you to control the color of the material, to make it darker or lighter if needed
-Allow you to control the thickness of the material
-Allow you to make small batches or large batches as needed
-Stop you from paying for watered down seal coat (other seal coat brands)

Next Seminar August 21, 2017-Xtreme Sealcoat Ingredients and Batching

“Make your own seal coat for less than $1.25”

-Hands on laboratory sample batch
-Handling and training course
-Hands on 3000 Gallon batch course
-Plant management course
-Our Xtreme® Ambassadors and Representatives will extend their help and expertise to you from the moment you walk into the Xtreme® Seminar. Their support will not end there… Xtreme® guarantees supporting your operations until you get things up and running.

Access to the Nation’s Best Vendors
“Are there material suppliers near me that can supply the seal coat ingredients required to make Preferred’s Sealcoat blend?”

​Answer: There are many major suppliers of the required ingredients located throughout major and underlying cities in the US.

We will find the closest emulsion supplier to your facility. Every emulsion supplier is different, but most of them will supply the emulsion you will need to mix Preferred’s Premium Sealcoat ingredients.