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Xtreme Seal Coat Plants and Ingredients

  • Specialized Ribbon Blender Tank with 6,000 Gallon Capacity
  • Emulsion Storage Tank with 6,000 Gallon Capacity
  • Water Storage Tank with 6,000 Gallon Capacity

This turn key manufacturing plant is built strong, portable, and self-sustained.

Included in this purchase is X2’s seal coat ingredients for one of the nation’s top products: Xtreme Seal Coat. Unlike purchasing from other manufacturers we are selling you the ingredients to the nation's most trusted asphalt sealant. This purchase also inclides the rights to brand the product in anyway you choose. Furthermore, you are not only becoming a seal coat manufacturer but also; if you so choose, you can distribute the product and sell it. We do not require you to purchase a distributors license unlike many other plant manufacturers. In addition, our responsibility upon purchase includes: setting you up with the closest suppliers to your facility to expedite and ensure you have the best, fastest, and most reliable materials.

X2 is responsible for building  your plant. From start to finish we will need 7 weeks to fabricate all of the tanks. Upon completion purchaser must arrange for transportation of plant to your desired location. Also, if required a representative will fly out to your base operation and assist with setting up the plant. We will train you on plant operations and maintenance to ensure safe and proper use of the machinery.  Finally, a complete list of all parts and serial numbers will be included with purchase.


  • Engineering versatility for cold and hot climates
  • Application temperature of 39° and rising
  • Decrease drying times to under (1) day
  • Ability to apply with squeegee or spray wand
  • Ability to batch on-site with portable plant
  • Uniform and consistent seal coat year round
  • Compatible with oil and water-based paint
  • Reduce cost per gallon to +/- $1.20