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Seal Coat Las Vegas

Sealcoating is the most important maintenance and preservation element of your driveway or parking lot.

Seal Coat Las Vegas

Why Choose Preferred Concrete Contracting for Seal Coat in Las Vegas?

We are Preferred Concrete Contracting Las Vegas and we are Las Vegas’ local asphalt experts. Looking for the highest quality product? Look no further… Preferred Concrete Contracting is one of the nations largest sealcoat manufactures. Xtreme® Sealcoat, was created to provide a solution to supplying the nation with a product that can preserve asphalt in all conditions and climates. Xtreme®Seal Coat is Las Vegas’s most dynamic, fortified and protective seal coat. Start saving money today by allowing Preferred Concrete Contracting seal coat your property.

One of the reasons Xtreme® Sealcoat is the highest quality product in the nation is that it is engineered to meet the demands of all types of asphalt: new paving, deteriorated/oxidized asphalt, asphalt with slurry seal. Every batch is different, because every road is different. With this in mind ask yourself a few things: I.) Does my asphalt have high-traffic? II.) Will cars be turning excessively throughout my property? III.) How much time can I close down my property? IV.) What condition is my asphalt currently in? Not sure of the answers, give us a call because we are! With over 20 years of manufacturing, supplying and applying seal coat Preferred Concrete Contracting knows exactly how to engineer sealcoat just for you.

One of the first thing a customer notices about your property is your parking lot. A newly seal coated and striped parking lot creates an attractive and welcoming feeling to a visitor. Preferred Concrete Contracting can re-stripe your lot by going over your existing layout or creating a whole new layout to fit your needs.

What is Sealcoat?

Sealcoat is applied over the asphalt to help protect against the daily destructive elements. Sealcoating is a great way to help you save money on repair costs by protecting your investment from sunlight, snow, ice and salt. It will also protect your asphalt from hazardous chemicals such as gas and oil. Aside from the beautiful black finish it adds to the life expectancy of your asphalt.



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seal coating - preferred concrete contracting. Sealcoating Asphalt Contractor - Paving Las Vegas - We are Preferred Concrete Contracting Las Vegas. Learn how the Pro seal coat asphalt in Vegas baby.  ASPHALT RE STRIPING - PREFERRED CONCRETE CONTRACTING LAS VEGAS. Sealcoating Asphalt Contractor - Paving Las Vegas - We are Preferred Concrete Contracting Las Vegas. Learn how the Pro seal coat asphalt in Vegas baby.  Asphalt resurfacing - Preferred Concrete Contracting - Las Vegas


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