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HOA Residential Sealcoating

HOA Residential Sealcoating

Another Flawless Asphalt Blacktop Resurfacing Done by Preferred Concrete Contracting. Preferred Concrete Contracting seal coats over 5,000,000 square feet of asphalt in residential communities alone each year.
Wal-Crete 2


Concrete Work provided to a local Walmart facility here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Due to the numerous delivery trucks running over the islands on this property, we hired to extend the existing 6″ curb into this lifted pad for delivery trucks and patrons to this...
We Stand Behind Our Warranty

We Stand Behind Our Warranty

Xtreme Sealcoat Ingredients Built to Last! As you can see from this photo, Xtreme Seal Coat is a very dense product. This density is what has allowed us to offer our clients a unique 5-year warranty on the product.
Maintenance, Maintenance, & Maintenance

Asphalt — Maintenance, Maintenance, & Maintenance

A well maintained property does not only consist of trimmed trees, painted buildings but also a well maintained road. To all of the property managers that have given us the opportunity to maintain your roadways, we say thank you and look forward to continuing to...
Piece Projects

Asphalt Preservation Piece Projects

Does your current contractor crack fill the asphalt patches they complete for you? Far too many times asphalt contractors come out to complete an asphalt patch and do not crack seal the edges. Without this important step, water finds its way underneath new patch and...
In Our Shoes

Asphalt Paving Las Vegas

When it comes to paving asphalt, everyone has a role; it is a synchronized group effort. Not only do they work diligently but they do so with the safety of each as a top priority throughout the entire process. Prior to taking off on long...
Terry Fators Private Drive at The Mirage

Terry Fator’s Private Drive at The Mirage

Our Product is No Joke and No Client is too Big or too Small! Here our crews are working side by side to completed all the handwork required for Terry Fator’s driveway at The Mirage.
A First Class Job EVERYTIME

A First Class Job EVERYTIME

“Our Workmanship is Miraculous” The application of seal coat is a rather daunting task. It takes a steady hand and eye for attention to detail to be able to edge sealcoat against curbs, valley gutters and surrounding structures. This photo is an up-close shot at...
Fast-Heavy Compaction Required

Fast-Heavy Compaction Required

Ice cream melts, and asphalt cools…rapidly Compaction of asphalt always begin on the edges as these areas are most susceptible to cracking. It is vital that asphalt be compacted as soon as possible and with the proper equipment.
PCCLV | Asphalt Seal Coat and Crack Fill

Solera at Stallion Mountain Asphalt Seal Coating, Crack Sealing and Striping

Appaloosa Canyon - June 2017 - Asphalt Sealcoating

Appaloosa Quarterhorse Canyon Asphalt Resurfacing Project

May the Weather Permit

Asphalt Preservation and Maintenance Las Vegas

Weather Conditions Required for Asphalt Preservation Las Vegas: The perfect conditions of this day allowed for the flawless application of Xtreme Seal Coat at this Desert Orthopedic Center. It is very important that there not be any rain 3 days before and 3 days after...
Working in Housing Environments

Working in Housing Environments

Not only do we care about your projects but we also care about your patrons. During the saw-cutting stage of asphalt removal it is crucial and mandatory for all contractors to wet-cut. This prevents dust and debris particles from filling the air. We at Preferred...
The Importance of Sealing all Cracks

The Importance of Sealing all Cracks in Asphalt

Spider-web/Alligator/Excessive Cracking Repairs If it is not in the budget to remove and replace asphalt that has began cracking excessively it is vital to crack fill all the cracks within a given portion to prevent the spreading of this phenomena throughout the rest of the...
ADA Striping

ADA Striping in Parking Lots

Are you giving your patrons the accessibility required by federal and local standards? According to federal and local guidelines, patrons must have access from city streets to the nearest possible entryway into the buildings of your properties.
A Lawsuit Waiting to Happen

Paving Las Vegas Roads

Take care of potholes, damaged, and sunken asphalt before it sinks you and your patrons. Our fleet consists of several emergency asphalt repairs patching trucks. These trucks have all the equipment required to immediately fix potholes within several hours of your initial request; and approval,...
Crackfilling Done Right

Crackfilling Done Right

How much is enough crackfill? Crack fill manufacturers recommend sealing at least 1″ from both sides of a crap. We built our crack pods with a 3″ spout and edge such that we cover your cracks beyond this 1″; as recommended by the manufacturers and...
Oil Spot Asphalt Repairs

Oil Spot Asphalt Repairs

The Inevitable Consequences of Oil Oil penetrates from the top of the pavement all the way down to the base-soils. Oil is one of the many factors and causes for asphalt deterioration as it breaks the bonds between the solids and emulsions that hold asphalt...
PCCLV | Asphalt Paving Improvements

PCCLV | Asphalt Paving Improvements

Our services change with the dynamics of every project. In this photo, we have begun removing the drive lane of a parking lot.
Budgets and Asphalt Repairs

According to federal and local standards, there are numerous ways to design and layout handicap parking for your properties.

Though it might not look like it, we repaved only the main drive of this road and seal coated the rest. Uniformity between Xtreme Seal Coat and New Pavement. When remove an entire road is not in the budget, you can trust us to come...
Water, Oil and Time Effects of Asphalt

Water, Oil and Time Effects of Asphalt

It is never to late to begin asphalt pavement preservation. This is one of the many before shots of a parking lot here in Las Vegas. Through these photos, you can see the process and results of our hard work.